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Firefox Extensions - FF1.5

Since the advent of Firefox 1.5, my extension list has changed considerably since last time. I’ll link to all of them, but I’ll just describe the new ones.

  • DOM Inspector - This extension comes with Firefox, but on Windows you need to ask for it explicitly. The extension itself lets you look at the document in the browser. You can inspect the HTML and CSS of the web page, among other things.

  • Adblock Filterset.G Updater - This automatically uses the excellent Filterset.G in Adblock. It can run in the background, and you’ll never see an ad again!

  • Adblock

  • Last Tab

  • Super DragAndGo - This extension allows you to drag links up or down and open them in a foreground or background tab. It’s wonderful for opening many news items at once.

  • Sage

  • Disable Targets For Download

  • Undoclosetab - Just a quick note on this one, even though it’s not new. In about:config, I changed “undoclosetab.tabmenu_position” to “5” to categorize the menu item with the other tab commands in the tab bar’s contextual menu.

  • del.icio.us - An excellent extension from the del.icio.us developers, this extension makes it easy to post and manage your bookmarks with Firefox. I only wish the extension came with a keyboard shortcut to post bookmarks.

  • Viamatic Foxposé - Adds a status bar icon and a keyboard shortcut to view all tabs at once, à la OS X’s Exposé. Very neat, and quite useful.

  • Tab Sidebar - This extension adds sidebar support for tabs, complete with thumbnails and navigation buttons. I made an OS X skin for it, available here.

  • Talkback This extension comes with Firefox. It is a crash-logger and data-collector for the Mozilla foundation. They can analyze crash data if it is utilized.

  • Tab Preview - Using a quick drawing method, this extension gives a thumbnail preview of each tab when you mouse over the tab at the top of the window. It’s very useful, and doesn’t clutter the UI like you think it would.

  • Greasemonkey - Greasemonkey was recently updated with full compatability with FF1.5.

  • Tab X - This extension removes the default “close tab” buttom from the upper right of the browser window and places a close button on every tab. It was recently updated to work on OS X, and I think it’s wonderful. It’s much easier to hit that button than it is to have to move the mouse over so far for each tab.

A lot of these extensions require Firefox 1.5, so don’t go trying to install these if you’re still using a 1.0.x release.