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Dvorak, Day 7

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Tonight will be the one week milestone in my quest to learn the Dvorak keyboard layout. I am slowly but steadily becoming more comfortable, and therefore faster, with it, but I still have yet to even come close to rivalling my Qwerty typing speeds. Like I said before, it takes two weeks to learn. I start school next week, so it is naturally my goal to be proficient by then.

Here are some things that I noticed:

  • I can type “that” really quickly.

  • “N” and “T” seem to switch places on a regular basis.

  • I always forget where the “R” is.

  • For the longest time, I was not able to reach the “I” comfortably.

I never learned to touch-type, which is both a good and a bad thing. Good in that I don’t have the Qwerty touch method so ingrained in my mind; bad in that I didn’t really know where to start placing my fingers at first. However, the hand placement has started to become second nature, obviously a good sign that I am on the right track.

I’ll update the Dvorak progress in another few days. It isn’t exactly heartstopping news, and I can assure everyone that my life is a little more exciting than the fact that my comma key is now where the “W” was. And vice versa. I bet you didn’t notice that, did you? I’d bet even more that I know how much you care.