Uptonian Thoughts


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Well, hello again. Moving back into school went smoothly, and classes are going great already. In all the hustle and bustle, blogging was not too high on my list of priorities.

My Dvorak learning experience is also coming along quite well. Chatting online and typing homework assignments really helps out. For once, practice makes perfect. That damn F key really gets me though. It’s in such an awkward position that I don’t know with what finger to press it.

I bought some speakers a few days ago. These little aliens have an amazing sound, no matter if we are playing Halo, watching Fight Club, or listening to Intertiatic ESP. What really baffles me is the amount of sound that can come out of such small speakers. They look pretty spiffy, too; it’s a shame that the Vaderesque subwoofer has to stay under my desk.