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Please Take My Money…

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Apple continues to boggle my mind.

  • iWork ‘05 - The second rendition of Keynote, plus a stylish new word processor called Pages. Only Apple could make the thought of typing documents enticing.

  • iLife ‘05 - All new updates to the iLife suite. The calendar display in iPhoto and the new Garageband look especially amazing.

  • iPod Shuffle - Apple wants us to rock out blindly and in no particular order, but at that price, I don’t really care if they want us to march off of a cliff.

  • Mac Mini - Six and a half inches square, two inches high, and a million gajillion tons of awesomeness. Wow.

I guess you could say that this year’s Macworld was fairly successful. Steve Jobs might have crashed his demo of Spotlight, but 2005 is definitely the year of the Apple.