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Dvorak, Day 133

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Yeah, I’m still using it.

I have fully adjusted to using Dvorak, and I love it. My typing speed has increased, I don’t look at the keyboard nearly as much, I have much less stress on my wrists and fingers while typing, and I have retained my QWERTY typing speed.

It’s quite funny to see people at work struggle with it when they try to show me something on my own computer. I have a hot key enabled to switch between Dvorak and QWERTY, so it’s not a hindrance, but it does make me laugh. On my Mac I have the layout set so that all commands that use the Command key are mapped to their old keys, so Cmd-C copies and Cmd-V pastes. However, Windows does not have this option (or at least not one that was visible to me. Anyone have any tips?), so Ctrl-I and Ctrl-. have to be used, respectively. It’s interesting switching from Windows to OS X and back again, but it keeps me on my toes and I don’t mind too much.

I recommend this layout to everyone and anyone who wants to learn to type quickly, properly, and comfortably. If you have two weeks to memorize the new layout (yeah, that means students who just got out of school…), you should at least give it a try.