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Some Great Films

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I bought and watched A History Of Violence this evening, and I was reminded that I have seen some amazing films recently.

I saw Syriana over winter break, and, while I had to see it twice to really get it, I enjoyed the film. When I saw a post on Boing Boing about Running Scared, I was immediately enthralled. I saw it opening night with my dad, and we both thought that while it was over the top, it was still a good film.

After watching the Oscars (something I haven’t done for two or three years,) I realized that I was missing some great films. I rented and loved Crash so much that I watched it twice. I also really enjoyed watching Walk The Line with my wonderful girlfriend over Spring Break, and consequently started listening to a lot more Johnny Cash!  I borrowed The Constant Gardener from my parents, and I loved that. Like Syriana, I may have to watch it again to fully comprehend it, but I thought it was amazingly well done. I also recently saw Paradise Now and A Very Long Engagement at the independent theatre The Lyric in Blacksburg, and I loved them both.

Along with A History Of Violence, which I thought was amazing, I also bought Good Night, And Good Luck. I have high expectations.