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30 Boxes Todo List

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Continuing on my endless calendar fixation, 30 Boxes just implemented a todo list to their calendar software. The bottom line? It’s awesome.

30 Boxes Todo

You can add todo list items with 30 Boxes’ One Box quick add parsing, and add tags to each item. A new menu item at the top left of the calendar view lets you quickly see and edit your list.

Drag and drop reordering has been implemented, along with double-click-to-edit and a replaced contextual menu functionality. If you need to push todo events onto a calendar, the option is right there. Now, notice that I didn’t say “your calendar” or “the calendar,” because 30B has provided options to post to Yahoo! Calendar and Google Calendar.

Now, just move that drag and drop functionality to the main calendar and let me preface todo items with @todo in the main One Box entry form for even quicker adding, and we can really start Getting Things Done!