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Apple iPhone

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Apple iPhone

As everyone knows, Apple announced its foray into the magical, convoluted world of mobile communications devices on Tuesday during the MacWorld Expo Keynote speech.

Jason Kottke has a great round-up of iPhone observations, including commentary on the lack of tacticle feedback the iPhone will provide. It’s a great point, in my opinion, and something that should be addressed. My thinking is, however, that because the on screen keyboard will always be in the same place, we can expect our hands’ muscle memory to adapt to the lack of physical feedback. Like Mr. Kottke says, this interface is one that requires weeks, not hours or minutes, of regular usage in order to fully understand its effectiveness.

I look forward to June, but I think that the price may stop me from getting one right away. Here’s to hoping for a widescreen iPod with similar multi-touch technology not long after the release of the iPhone.