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Peel OS X Music Blog Player & Reader

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Peel for OS X

Peel for OS X is a beta music blog client that aggregates mp3 files from user-specified music blogs, and allows you to view the music blog right there in the app. While it is great software, using it for one day has made me realize that a lot of potentially deal-breaking features are missing from this piece of software. Thankfully, this is the reason public betas were invented, and, without further ado and in no particular order whatsoever, here is my wish-list for Peel:

  • Better Flagged Songs Management

    I want a central location (separate window, source list, whatever) for all the songs that I have flagged. Sometimes I don’t have time or I don’t want to download a song, but I’d like to flag it in order to deal with it later. I need to be able to see all flagged songs, regardless of the music blog from which they originally came.

  • Downloads Window

    A window would be much easier to manage and visualize than those small progress bars that are currently in place. Additionally, it would be nice if there was a way to scan the download directory to see if the downloaded songs are still there. The check mark that appears next to a downloaded song will always remain present, even when the downloaded song has been removed from the hard drive.

  • Search

    Let me search for artists, songs, music blogs (on the web, not search for local files), and, while we’re at it, make adding blogs easier. Get website titles automatically, and don’t make me enter a title just to add a new music blog. Handle feed URLs as well as music site URLs, too. Peel crashed while adding a Wordpress RSS feed to the source list.

  • Better iTunes Integration

    Please let me add Peel songs to a specific playlist. I don’t want these singles mucking up my pristine album-only music library. I spent way too much time tagging my music library to have it littered with improperly tagged music. If you give me the option to add to a playlist, I can reduce this mess a lot more efficiently.

  • Better Playback Controls

    Allow me to shuffle songs, both within individual blogs and globally. Make the spacebar a play/pause button, and reflect that in the Controls menu.

Last.fm support would be awesome, too.