Uptonian Thoughts


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I recently started using my Tumblr tumblelog a lot more.

I created my Tumblr account some time last year, like everyone else. I linked my Delicious feed and this blog to it and promptly forgot about it. I recently realized that there are photos that I favorite on Flickr, and videos that I favorite on YouTube or like on Vimeo, and quotes that I see on many different web pages, and chats that I have with my friends that I think other friends would enjoy, but I can’t share them in one central place and oh my goodness I’ve just described the entire reason for Tumblr’s being.

So I added the Tumblr bookmarklet to my browser’s bookmark bar, and now my favorite things that I come across on the web are all located in one place.

One of the greatest features of Tumblr is the fact that each tumblelog is connected. I can favorite a post right from its permalink, and I can follow those who I find interesting.

I spent a lot of time over the past two days tweaking Danny Garcia’s LightGrid theme to my liking and in the general look and feel of my tumblelog.