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Move Your Domains Away From GoDaddy

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The Stop Online Piracy Act (explanation via Kottke on what’s wrong with SOPA) is bad for the internet in general. GoDaddy supports SOPA, and this has alarmed many of its customers, including this Redditor with fifty one domains and myself.

Again via Kottke, I came across this guide to moving from GoDaddy to NameCheap (Google cache). NameCheap has officially come out against SOPA, and their site and experience has been nothing but top notch since I started the transfer process.

I’ve also heard good things about Hover; by all means shop around for a registrar that fits your needs and doesn’t blatantly support SOPA.

My transfer process to NameCheap is nearly complete, and I couldn’t be happier to leave GoDaddy. Don’t forget that December 29th is Move Your Domain Day!