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Like most of the world, I love coffee. I usually drink a cup or two a day, and sometimes more. I’m lucky enough to live close to places that sell great coffee: Whole Foods roasts their own coffee, and there are numerous local places with great beans.

I usually make a full “batch” of coffee in a French press (or сafetière), but sometimes that’s too much. I know it’s considered blasphemous, but I got a Keurig single cup brewer for Christmas, and I absolutely love it. I was apprehensive about Keurig machines until I found out about refillable “K-Cups” that you could fill with your own, delicious coffee. I use the official Keurig “My K-Cup”, but that requires that you replace the entire holster mechanism each time. It’s not time consuming, but it is a bit annoying.

I discovered the Ekobrew, which is a filter that fits in the existing cup holster. Two of them are on their way to my house from Amazon right now.

Regardless of how it gets there, coffee from the Keurig is (perhaps surprisingly) pleasant. It’s not the best cup of coffee, but it’s quick, easy, and clean.

I still use the French press when I need to make a bigger batch of coffee or if I want to relax and enjoy a really great cup. I use the seemingly-ubiquitous Bodum French press and burr grinder and keep the coffee warm in my Zojirushi carafe. Coffee stays hot for hours on end, so I can make coffee in the morning and still enjoy it later in the afternoon. How I make coffee just depends on how much I need and what kind of mood I’m in.

One last thing: I also got a small stovetop espresso maker for Christmas, and it is amazing. When I want a treat, I make myself a café Americano: a bit of espresso in a normal-sized coffee cup and filled the rest of the way with hot water. Yum!

Full disclosure: I’ve linked to a number of products on Amazon in this post, and most of them contain my affiliate link. I’ll get a small kickback if anything is bought via these links. I will only ever post links to products that I use and love, and that is certainly the case with everything here. I’m passionate about my coffee, and I don’t want to mislead anyone. I have not included my affiliate link to the Ekobrew refillable K-Cup because I have not received or used it at this time.