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I am nitpicky, anal, tidy, obsessive, and compulsive about my songs and their ID3 tags. I have over 7000 songs in my iTunes library; navigating an iPod without the correct tags would be nearly impossible.

On a relatively unrelated note, I’ve been using Backpack for a while now, just to keep track of miscellaneous little things about which I need to be reminded.

Often when listening to my iPod at work, I note that some of my tracks are not tagged how I prefer them to be (every word capitalized, correct genre, numbered according to total tracks) and make a mental note about changing them in iTunes when I get home. Ha! Mental notes really work, don’t they? I’m either too busy or, more likely, I just forget.

So today I thought that if I had some kind of todo app that I could use to remind myself, my tracks would get tagged in a more timely manner! Lo and behold, Backpack fits the bill perfectly.

I came up with a format for corrections (mostly capitalization errors) and started posting any errors to my iTunes Corrections Backpack page. Check it out:

Backpack iTunes Corrections Queue

As you can see, the format is

[artist] – [album – trackname] // [what needs correcting , correction]

The result is that I know which tracks to correct, and they conform to my own liking. I like and use MusicBrainz for large-scale mass tagging, but sometimes the tags are not totally correct. This method lets me do it on my own time and in my own manner.