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Apple’s Customer Service

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It seems to me that there has been some negative response to Appleā€™s care of its customers recently. With all the new products from Apple, perhaps they are neglecting the very people that make the demand for these products? Codswallop.

About two weeks ago, my iPod slipped out of hand, from about a foot high onto tile. It was wearing its wasabi iSkin at the time, and it merely reset itself afterwards. I thought nothing of it, until about two days later. The buttons stopped responding, and the critical battery icon would flash intermittently. Two Thursdays ago, I requested a service order from Apple. The next day, DHL delivered an empty box, wanting to take my iPod right then and there. Unfortunately, I was not home, and I had to take it to DHL on Monday.

Last Thursday, a brand new iPod was waiting for me when I got home. I could not believe my eyes. Apple had taken my iPod, ordered a new unit, and sent it back to me, all within a less-than-a-week turnaround. Unbelievable!

Thank you, Apple.